How I Got Fat

There once was a single girl named Maria living the life in Southern California.  She vowed to never get married or have kids (anytime soon at least). And then she met Coy. Sweet, almost perfect, totally irresistible Coy. Within six months and a few weeks shy of her 30th birthday, the two were married and living in CHINA! Well, you know how most people get married and cook for their husband? The trial cooking years? She was greeted in China by a nice Chinese lady who said, “I cook for you.” That is where her current troubles began. Eight years of having someone else cook, clean house and help her with her four (yes, four) small children, did her no favors. Now she is back in the US, living in Oklahoma**, and reality has hit her like a ton of bricks. Six months of eating fast food and feeling sorry for her lack of domestic skills has left her, well, FAT. It’s time for this girl to step away from the donuts, pick up a spatula and pull it together. After this last piece of cake. I swear.

**update: We now again, live in China. Same darling husband, same four kiddos, same “I cook for you” lady and back to work for me.

Alright, I need to explain something here. I know I’m not the fattest person out there but, I’m not the thinnest either. Well, here is the “skinny” on that. When I moved here 6 months ago, I was an average 125-130lb girl standing in at 5’2″. That is not THAT skinny for my height.  I like the 125-130 range though. I can work out 2-4x’s a week, drink beer on the weekend, maybe have a pizza with my kids and not feel too terribly guilty about eating the cupcakes my kids were supposed to take to their class party. This weight has me fitting comfortably in most all size 6 clothing, a 4 when I’m feeling sexy and an 8 when I’m feeling homely. I can maintain this size, be happy and enjoy life (aka, eating yummy stuff).  A move from China, stressful times finding a new home, new friends, basically a whole new life caused me to slip up, get lazy and stuff my face. So there you have it. All I need is a bit of support and some accountability, and I’ll be having a beer with my hubby and stealing my kids Halloween candy again in no time! Or better yet, choosing an apple instead.


14 thoughts on “How I Got Fat

  1. Hi there Maria, you are too funny! Love your blog so far! I am going quasi-paleo too, trying to ease in. I have found some awesome blogs in my quest for info…and it is a quest! (Who knew there were so many types of coconut milk, lol) But your blog is by far the funniest! I shall enjoy following your adventures!

  2. Hi Maria-you still look good, even with the rubber band! Living near all these philly cheese steaks & pretzels has made my waist line bigger too! Maybe you can inspire me to get back into my skinny jeans too. Good luck.

    • Lynne!
      Please send me your phone number. I bet you look exactly the same. I can’t imagine living near those cheese steaks though. OMG those are to die for! Remember when we used to run like 3+ miles together before going to work? And we probably thought we were fat. ha ha.

    • Eric,
      I’m honored and thrilled that you would consider me as an inspiration. Thank you for your support and for your highly informational and easy to understand blog. Health information can be so confusing these days. I’m the perfect example of that! All the best and please, keep writing!

  3. Guess what….. I just got this message moments after you “followed” my blog…

    Congratulations on your 100th follower on Flamidwyfe’s Blog.

    Woo hoo!!!! Thanks 😀

    • You are welcome! Funny because I thought I was already following it before, then saw that I wasn’t. “click!” Whoo hoo! Wow, that is a LOT of followers! I’m jealous! 🙂

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