The pants are ON! I repeat…The pants are ON!

After two years of trying out, and failing at:  5AM Crossfit workouts, running, Paleo Diet, Master Cleanse (twice),  Dukan Diet, Hollywood Miracle Diet, writing down everything, using online calorie trackers, crazy weight loss challenges with Fat Tom, no carbs, no sugar, no processed foods, no soy, no gluten, NO FUN…I’d had it. Just freakin’ had it. Threw in the Twinkie and bought myself some Not Your Daughter’s Jeans in a US size 10. Why not? I’m 40 and have four kids. This is what I’m supposed to look like, right?

And that’s when it happened. Just as I’d given up on myself, some crazy Chinese guy wakes me up at 2:30AM with a knife and reminds me that I can’t give up. EVER. He reminded me that I’m strong, capable, smart and worth taking care of. Not to mention, have four kids and a husband who need a fit, healthy mom in the picture.

So do you want to know what this chubster’s been doing? I bought some protein powder from GNC, then I bought a juicer, then I stopped bitching and took control. Less than four months later, I’m in a US size 6. I went from 145lbs to 128lbs.  I can’t say it’s been easy, but it’s been easier than any other diet attempts I’ve ever, well….attempted.

I slowly worked my way into this routine, which is the one I’m sticking with until I lose my final 8lbs. I lost about a half to one pound a week.

Morning Juice:

  1. one lemon
  2. one large fresh ginger chunk the size of a lipstick
  3. a handful of celery stalks
  4. one cucumber
  5. a crap load of green leafy veggies (any kind)

No apple or other sweet fruit. It took me about two months to slowly phase out the apple. Sounds disgusting, right? At first it was. I called it Ass in a Glass. But the instant energy that drink gives me and the way I can feel it seeping into my cells is totally worth it. I read an article that explained how when you are not giving your cells the right nutrients, it signals your brain to eat more. Really, that’s it? Drink some nasty green juice and your brain tells your stomach that you are full. I drink the equivalent of two tall glasses. Just suck it up and suck it down.

Lunch: Leftover salad or cooked veggies from the school lunches at work and a Protein shake with double the serving of powder mixed with a single serving of water. That way it’s nice and thick and satisfying. Ok, so it’s still just a crappy protein shake, but it’s not as crappy as having a big, jiggly ass.

Snack: Boiled eggs, nuts, or the occasional granola bar or nothing

Dinner: Whatever I want. Heathy choices if I’m at home, and nachos, burgers, pizza etc when I go out (maybe once a week). If there is pasta or rice, I eat half the serving I would have had before and double up on the veggies and meat.

If I have a night out of beer and nachos, I avoid the bread, pasta and rice for the next couple of days to make up for it (minus the greasy hangover breakfast).

The thing is, I don’t actually think about any of this. I just do it. No worrying about it, no thinking about it, no talking about it all the time. Just doing it. I no longer weigh myself all the time either. So nice.

As far as exercise, I walk to and from work everyday. So maybe I get in about two miles a day. Again, not worrying about it. Just walking everywhere as if I’ve always done that. SO easy!

I will admit, the element of terror has  been a great self-motivator, but I wouldn’t recommend having your neighbor sneak into your house with a ski mask and a knife. Just take my word on it. Or, try watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. That should be terrorizing enough. So here is the moment I’ve been waiting for. The pants! Even though I have 8lbs still left to go, I just couldn’t wait to share some pictures.  I think I’m going to keep that pink rubber band hanging somewhere as a reminder. A reminder to not give up. EVER.

Almost there!

The pants are on!

The pants are on! 


41 thoughts on “The pants are ON! I repeat…The pants are ON!

  1. Awesome Maria! You are inspirational….. if I could just borrow that rubber band. I’m going to have to find something else green to put in the blender – what do you think about iceberg lettuce? Ya, I know really not green but it would be a start since the green items that go in a blender right now is margarita mix! Keep writing!

      • Ha! Just now got both your comments and now I’m just to the point where we can SHARE clothes! You’re a nut and I love you!

  2. Good job, that’s so awesome to hear, you should be really proud of yourself for finding the magic puzzle piece that works for YOU! That’s what makes it effortless! You look absolutely glowing and healthy and gorgeous!

  3. You look amazing Maria!! 40 years old, 4 kids, and you look better than you did in high school!! The abs, Im dying!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  4. Awww, congrats, lady!!!

    I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t hear from you anymore.. I loved following your stories and am excited to see what the future brings! Yay!!

  5. By the way I am jealous that just in this one post you got 10 times the amount of comments that I have received in all my 3 years of blogging combined!

  6. Nice 6 pack, mama!! You are truly beautiful, inside and out. I think my favorite part was that you described the chunk of ginger as the ‘size of a lipstick’. Keep on keepin on, my friend. You are an inspiration to me! Love you!

  7. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!! I thought you were already a beautiful, and gorgeous lady, but you are absolutely stunning. You are such an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work. I want your abs!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations! I think it has something to do with turning 40…I did the same thing after I turned 40 last year. I didn’t really connect it with 40 at the time, but I think subconsciously I didn’t want to get old and lazy and let myself go! You look wonderful!

  9. So proud of you Maria! You look great, really u do! As I sit on the beach fat u have motivated me I will call u when I get back to chat about your weight loss regime which for once I agree with!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Maria
    Yes this is your 64 year old friend who highly admires you for who you are. You are an inspiration to many and that is not because of your body. You are beautiful within…. Full of passion, determination and love …. There is only one Maria S and I feel privileged to know her and be part of her life!!!!
    Guess who????
    Let’s get together next week….. Just got back fom 9 day trip in Japan!!! Incredible!!!

  11. Im mad at you!! I’ve been working my tail off for 5 months kickboxing and eating better but have only lost half as much as you. 🙂 You did forget to mention one very important detail – you’re spending all day busy at work instead of walking through your middle-America kitchen 64 times a day!! That is a battle in itself. I would always lose the America weight when i went back to China – problem is I’m not going back anymore. I was at SAMs club when I read your post so I loaded up on your ingredients and just tried it. Even with the apple it STINKS! Lol. That’s determination to only drink that for breakfast for 4 months! Great job & I’m jealous!!! Love & miss ya!

    • I think I used way too much ginger. I’m still breathing ginger! But the nice thing is I could just gulp it down without taking a breath which was much easier than eating all of it! (I think I’ll try again tomorrow)

      • Marcie, I bet you look far. Yes, the US about killed me. Funny because there I had so much more access to the right foods, just also more access to the wrong ones! Put two apples in and less ginger. Then after a month go down by half an Apple. After a few months you’ll be off the Apple and set in your routine. You can do it! Feels gooood. Co

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