“Pass the feet, please.”

You don’t hear that one at most dinner tables, including mine. If you were at my table tonight you would have heard, “I want the foot! That’s not fair! He already ate the neck!” My kids are once again, officially Chinese Nationals. Their days of pizza and hot dogs are in the past and they are back to fighting over the innards more than the outtards. Gross. Why can’t I be like them? How many calories can possibly be in a boiled duck foot?

Kaia Duck foot Noah Duck foot

Maddox, at the tender age of three, just had his first foot massage last night. What is it with our family and feet? Of course, I asked for them to press on the weight loss pressure point for the entire 80 minutes. They politely ignored me and pretended that they couldn’t understand me. My Chinese translated to this; “Please you only this one, very long time push, make hurt, I want fat bye-bye, ok?” What’s not to understand?

Maddox and Kaia foot rub

I wanted to take this time to let you know that I have dropped out of Fat Tom’s The Biggest Loser contest. SInce I hadn’t yet paid my entry fee, see, already the Biggest Loser, I (and my other two fat friends), decided to donate it to a special cause instead. Tom just found out that his six year old daughter, Delaney, has leukemia. For those of you that have read his blog, you know that he is an amazing and highly entertaining writer. He has now started a blog about his daughter’s battle with cancer. I am complaining A LOT less these days, kissing my kids a lot more and am so in awe of this sweet little girl and her amazing family. Please feel free to pass his newest blog on to anyone who you think it could motivate, inspire or help. Also, prayers, well wishes and support from around the world can lighten any spirit. Delaney’s Blog


13 thoughts on ““Pass the feet, please.”

  1. I just showed Delaney the pic of your kids eating their duck feet and she said, “they eat all kinds if gross stuff over there!” And what is this about you dropping out Chubs??? Don’t blame me when you are 400lbs. (Probably next week).
    We love you and your family Maria!!!

  2. Great to see you blogging! Incidentally, I started reading your friends blog (and now follow) about Delaney after you ‘liking’ it in FB. I had no idea it was Fat Tom! I enjoyed your fat banter back and forth and your fat challenges when you were in Oklahoma. I have been touched by their journey and find myself thinking about their family often. Now that I KNOW who it is, it seems more personal even though I’ve never met him.
    In the meantime, keep blogging about duck feet and innards. Keep teaching me to speak Chinese……(now I know what to say the next time I’m getting a pedi!). Keep me in the loop if you are organizing anything for Delaney and family in the way of donations.

    • Thanks you Shannon! Yes, there are some funds set up to support Delaney and I’ll go back and put the link in my next blog. How nice of you to think of her and I know Fat Tom appreciates the support for following his blog and sharing his experience. 🙂

  3. Hey Maria,
    Just read Tom’s blog. He and his whole fami;y sound absolutely amazing! I will be praying for Delaney, makes me put everything else in perspective. Love you Maria, and enjoy your blogs!

    • Thanks for reading Tom’s blog. He does have a great family. Please share his blog and send him a comment or two. I know they appreciate all the support. Love you too!

  4. Next thing you know they’ll be eating duck jaw! I couldn’t get them to press that go away fat pressure point either!
    Heading over to Tom’s blog now. Keeping Delaney in my prayers xoxo

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