Go big or go home!

Let me start off with my ultimate Paleo-faileo last week. At Crossfit we are doing another health/fitness challenge. You get 45 points for 45 days. Each day that you screw up, you lose one point. WELL, of course my brain looks at it this way. “Why lose a point at the END of the day by eating one cookie, when you could have lost that same point and enjoyed a FULL day of donuts, pizza and beer?” Go big or go home!

So here is what happened. Coy and I went out with our friends for a night of dinner and drinks. Obviously, I pigged out all day leading up to the evening, since it’s only one point down the drain. That night we got back to the house at 11:30pm and in my Bud Light induced state of mind, I realized that I still had 30 minutes left of my point loss day to eat something forbidden. So your thinking pizza, cookies, more beer, block of cheese, bag of chips…you know, the usual drunk binge foods, right?

No such luck. I’d already eaten all that yummy food earlier in the day. No junk was to be found. I was determined to eat something that was not allowed, so I went all out and opened a can of Save Mart Refried Beans. No legumes allowed on Paleo. I proceeded to eat them cold, straight out of the can. With a fork. Standing over the sink, in my bathrobe. Coy walked by me and made a disgusted face. I think I may have mumbled something like, “You know you want some.”Nice.

As far as how I’m doing on the challenge? I’ve gained 7 lbs. Yep yep. Coy has left for China so it’s just me and the four kiddos. Life is a bit stressful with the impending move. One car sold, one to go. Only one person has come to see the house and keeping it clean and tidy with four little kids underfoot is no easy task. But hey, it will all get done and eventually we’ll get on that plane even if it’s not done. I’m trying my best to keep up on the working out and healthy eating. RIght now, it’s one foot in front of the other!


6 thoughts on “Go big or go home!

  1. Haha, that is funny and so you! It will get better! I just keep remembering when we would diet in college and eat tons of marshmallows thinking nothing of it, haha!

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