Whole30….Was it worth it?

Day 28 and I want to quit. I only have two more days to go but, if I drink another goddamn cup of black coffee, choke down another freaking boiled egg or even look at cauliflower, I think I might just rip someone’s head off. Probably my own.

I know I said it wasn’t about weight loss, HOWEVER, did any of you actually believe me when I said that? I didn’t even believe it. Turns out I lost a whopping 2lbs. Woop-de-shit. Who am I kidding? I wanted to lose like 10 lbs!

“I’m going to cut out all grains, sugar, legumes, dairy and alcohol for 30 days and not care if I don’t lose any weight.” Said NO ONE. EVER.

Tomorrow, I’ll go in for a body comp and see what shifted where. “Shifted” being the key word since I’m well aware that I still cannot get the damn pants on and my scale seems to agree with that fact.

So was it worth it? Let’s analyze this shall we?


* I realized that for 30 days I can suck it up and do just about anything

* The bowels seem to be in good form

* Reduced my sugar cravings


* Little weight loss

* So boring and antisocial that I cannot imagine making this an actual lifestyle

* Got me re-hooked on fruit (too much of it)

That is all I can think about since my brain has lost all ability to think clearly. That is also why I have not posted anything interesting lately. My mind and body just feel so blah, that I have no interest or motivation.  Is it from the diet?

Well, I’ll for sure finish it. Tomorrow is the last day. Then on Saturday the hubs and I are going out with another couple for dinner to celebrate all of our birthdays! I can only imagine the belly ache and hangover I’ll be experiencing Sunday morning. That, or my body, (and my pink liver), will be working so efficiently now that I’ll be feeling just fine. Ha ha. Here’s hoping.

* Adding this in a bit late… Was it worth it? I’d have to say yes. I’m pretty sure it’s done nothing but great things for my body ON THE INSIDE. But I witnessed a fast transformation of my friend who did it with me. She lost 7lbs in the first 10 days. She went on a crazy hiking trip and was unable to finish, but I can only imagine what she’d look like had she finished. I’m so glad she didn’t finish though, because I’d probably have to drop her as my friend due to insane jealousy.

After I return to the land of the living and eating, I’ll be back to blogging like the fool that I am. Hmmm, what diet to try next?

And by the way, we are moving back to China. 🙂 Soon.


8 thoughts on “Whole30….Was it worth it?

  1. China!? Yikes!!

    And thanks for the encouraging post regarding Whole30 being worth it as I am pushing through day 6.. 😉 I am in TOTAL agreement about the fruit. Like I’m starting to crave it. Frozen blueberries and full-fat coconut milk? Frozen banana slices and almond butter? YES PLEASE! EVERYDAY! But I am trying new things, so that’s good, right? I had zucchini for the first time, and last night made tilapia (prior to this, you couldn’t get me near fish unless it came in a canned called Starkist).

    I am however, already looking forward to day 31 when I can have wine..

    Glad you pushed on through, though I thought for sure the weight would fly off! How much were you eating?

      • Haha.. I’m just teasing.. so far, it’s going well. I was doing about 70% paleo before (plus cheese, plus wine, and pizza/bread/ice cream on friday nights).. So it’s not a dramatic life change like it is for a lot of people. The hardest part for me (aside from wine) is the little things, like how SOY is in every single package I pick up at the store.

    • ok, so I updated part ofthe blog to say YES it was worth it! Don’t give up! tomorrow when I’m done I’ll probably say it was great. I’m just on the last 2 days now and want it to be OVER!!!

  2. Jenniferlynn stick with it, my results were different…I lost 7 in the first 10 days and it gets much easier. With my muscle mass I honestly didn’t know if I could be in the 130’s again and Whole30 helped me gt there. For me it has become the way I want to eat most of the time.

  3. What an accomplishment! I’m doing Paleo now that I’ve lost my weight and don’t know if I could do the Whole 30! Bravo for you 🙂 bet the rubberband won’t be pulled so much. You might have only lost 2 pounds on the scale, but I bet there was a redistribution in a good way.

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