Fat Stats

Had my body comp measured yesterday and here are the results.

June 27, 2012        September 7, 2012

143 lbs                    136 lbs

27.6% body fat        22.6% body fat

39 lbs fat                  30 lbs fat

103 lbs muscle        105 lbs muscle

In about 2 1/2 months I:

Lost 9 lbs of FAT

Went down 5% body fat

Gained 2 lbs of MUSCLE

Overall, I’m happy. Ultimately, I want to just get down to a size 6, preferable before we move to China so I don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Maybe this is the first time I’ve had so much muscle. I have a gut feeling that if I wasn’t doing CrossFit, my weight on the scale would be more like 130… I’m excited to see what is hiding under this final layer of blub. As I said before, my guess is Heidi Klum.

The Whole30 is officially over today. I haven’t gorged on anything bad yet. Am saving it for tonight. 🙂 Here is what I plan to take away from this experience.

* Only eat my favorite dairy on occasion. It’s not a daily food. Almond milk has double the calcium anyway.

* No grains unless someone else has made it and I don’t want to be rude. I don’t miss them at all. Or the occasional slice of pizza.

* Sugar. Well it’s just bad, so I’ll keep on reading my labels and being mindful.

* Legumes can be reserved for chili or Mexican dinners.

* NO more Truvia, diet sodas, Splenda or the like. Tastes gross and is like eating poison.

* Fruit is a-ok with me! But try to stick to berries and lower sugar fruits.

* Bacon, hot dogs? Sure! As long as I’m feeing my kids the nitrate free version. (Good luck finding that in China….)

* Chips, cookies, crackers…..see ya!

* Black coffee works for me.

* Booze… as needed. 🙂 Can you say, 4 kids under age 7?

Well, there you have it. Trust me, if I can do this, so can you. Although I was moaning about what little effect the Whole30 had on me, it turns out, it had a bigger impact than I thought. Even if I didn’t lose tons of weight, it got me back on track with eating healthy. It forced me to to look carefully at what I was putting in my mouth. AND most importantly, what I was putting in my family’s mouth.

So Whole30, YES, you are worth it.


Whole30….Was it worth it?

Day 28 and I want to quit. I only have two more days to go but, if I drink another goddamn cup of black coffee, choke down another freaking boiled egg or even look at cauliflower, I think I might just rip someone’s head off. Probably my own.

I know I said it wasn’t about weight loss, HOWEVER, did any of you actually believe me when I said that? I didn’t even believe it. Turns out I lost a whopping 2lbs. Woop-de-shit. Who am I kidding? I wanted to lose like 10 lbs!

“I’m going to cut out all grains, sugar, legumes, dairy and alcohol for 30 days and not care if I don’t lose any weight.” Said NO ONE. EVER.

Tomorrow, I’ll go in for a body comp and see what shifted where. “Shifted” being the key word since I’m well aware that I still cannot get the damn pants on and my scale seems to agree with that fact.

So was it worth it? Let’s analyze this shall we?


* I realized that for 30 days I can suck it up and do just about anything

* The bowels seem to be in good form

* Reduced my sugar cravings


* Little weight loss

* So boring and antisocial that I cannot imagine making this an actual lifestyle

* Got me re-hooked on fruit (too much of it)

That is all I can think about since my brain has lost all ability to think clearly. That is also why I have not posted anything interesting lately. My mind and body just feel so blah, that I have no interest or motivation.  Is it from the diet?

Well, I’ll for sure finish it. Tomorrow is the last day. Then on Saturday the hubs and I are going out with another couple for dinner to celebrate all of our birthdays! I can only imagine the belly ache and hangover I’ll be experiencing Sunday morning. That, or my body, (and my pink liver), will be working so efficiently now that I’ll be feeling just fine. Ha ha. Here’s hoping.

* Adding this in a bit late… Was it worth it? I’d have to say yes. I’m pretty sure it’s done nothing but great things for my body ON THE INSIDE. But I witnessed a fast transformation of my friend who did it with me. She lost 7lbs in the first 10 days. She went on a crazy hiking trip and was unable to finish, but I can only imagine what she’d look like had she finished. I’m so glad she didn’t finish though, because I’d probably have to drop her as my friend due to insane jealousy.

After I return to the land of the living and eating, I’ll be back to blogging like the fool that I am. Hmmm, what diet to try next?

And by the way, we are moving back to China. 🙂 Soon.