Time for the pants! Shield your eyes, people!


1. Enduring 30 straight minutes of tears due to a dropped lollypop at the car wash (candy at 9:00am, I’ll have you know),

2. An hour of playing “spaceship” at the playground, where Mommy had to sit on a little rocking dinosaur that was going up her butt, and shout “Yes, Captain” about 1,000 times,

3. About being kicked out of the library AGAIN due to nuclear meltdown of Reeve. Maddox “touched” his Clifford book,

…… we finally made it home where my favorite babysitter, Kai Lan, was waiting for us. Kai Lan is the Chinese version of Dora. She comes on TV everyday and puts my kids into a silent trance for 30 whole minutes. You would NOT believe the amount of things I got done in those 30 minutes.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (ha ha), the ridiculous picture of me in the damn pants. Ridiculous, because I should look way better in them by now. Especially since I’m on day 22 of the Whole 30. I’ve only lost 3 pounds so far, but didn’t I say, it wasn’t about the weight loss? Who am I kidding? That is just what us fatties say when we’re scared that we’ll screw up and not lose any weight. So I haven’t screwed up, but sure as hell have not lost a bunch of weight.

August 23, 2012

On a positive note, I still have no cravings for sweets or grains. Don’t get me wrong though. If there were no repercussions for eating sugar, I’d be downing a dozen donuts as we speak. Mmmmmm, donuts. I think that the rubber band does look like it’s not stretched out as far and I’m getting closer to securing those pants with an actual button. But still….

Ok, and here is the other grainy photo, but of me in the spots bra get up. Now this is just becoming embarrassing.






15 thoughts on “Time for the pants! Shield your eyes, people!

  1. Look at the shoulders on you, woman! You’re strong!!!!!!!! Also, your shot of the jeans and the white tank? Looks GOOD! Rubber band be damned, you are rocking that white cami!

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