Pizza or Prunes?

Day 10 of the Whole30 and Coy ordered pizza. A combination, a sausage and the one pizza I’ve always wanted to order….spinach and feta. I never ordered it because I assumed I was the only one who would eat it. Well, everyone ate it. Everyone except yours truly.

I dined on celery with macadamia nut butter and a few prunes. Yes, prunes. They were delicious. Like an explosion of lusciousness in my mouth. I cannot think of a more satisfying way to end my evening.

Are my pants on fire? Does my nose look bigger to you? Why, yes, and yes. It sucked. Like the biggest sucking of all sucking.

On a positive note, all the kids wanted what I was eating. Crap, now there is even leftover pizza in the fridge. I know it’s there. And I’ll be fantasizing about it ALL NIGHT LONG.


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