Whole30 aka “Drop that donut, fatty, and clean your house!”

Here is what I have learned during the eight days I’ve been doing the Whole30:

1. Every fiber of my being loves to eat like shit.

2. I’ve got nothing else.

Remember the Whole30 is No sugar, No grains, No dairy, No legumes, No alcohol, No fun.

The first couple of days started out great. I was motivated, just like I am at the start of every diet adventure I begin, but this time it was different. I have never “dieted” without the goal of losing weight before. This time it is just to become as healthy as I can be. If I happen to lose a few pounds and my chronic skin rash (yeah still got it, going on seven weeks now) that would be a great bonus.

My thought process behind this insane 30 day plan is this… Maybe, one of the reasons I can’t get down to a desirable weight and size is because my body is so bogged down with toxins from years of eating donuts and potato chips, that it is no longer efficient. Maybe, if I just “clean house,” things will run more smoothly.

For example, let’s say you spend most of the week days, swiffering your floors, dusting your shelves, scrubbing pee off the toilet seat rims, and wiping dried toothpaste off the mirror (maybe that is just me?). By 3:00 everything is smelling like a Carolina pine forest. Then in come the kids. They drop their backpacks, kick off their shoes, dribble their snacks all over the carpet, wipe their sticky hands on everything BUT the kitchen towel, pee on the toilet seats and fling toothpaste on the mirror. Then you just sigh, and clean it all up again in the morning.

Now that is fine and dandy and all, we all get it. But then comes the weekend. No school means no time for mom to get the house clean. No point in even trying. Add Dad to the mix and you double the amount of dropped items and pee on the seats. So if it weren’t for school or a cleaning service, the dust and clutter would just keep piling up.

What I’m trying to say is this. I’ve been feeding my body crap as if every day was the weekend. It was never given the chance to clean up. Everything inside me was working full-time, with no break, no overtime pay and no holidays. Eventually, my body began going on strike and the trash (aka FAT and toxins) just kept piling up bigger and bigger.  Kind of like an episode of Hoarders, only I was hoarding fat and toxins.

Whole30 is my intervention. It’s boring, difficult at times, and did I say boring? But I know it’s time to “clean house.” It just needs to be done. And once I’m all cleaned up, I plan to save my toxin consumption for special occasions only. 🙂 It’s easy to clean up after the occasional big party, especially if you have happy workers…. on the inside.

BTW, have been going to CrossFit 5X’s a week and feeling pretty good about it!


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