5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


Last week I went to CrossFit 5X’s. That’s a record for me and I’ll do it again next week….and the week after. I’m trying to up the intensity and frequency, along with this  whole food diet and see what gets shaken up (other than my thighs and butt cheeks.) Has anyone tried the Whole30? Any advice?

Running has taken a backseat for now. I plan to sign up for another 5K here soon, just to keep the cardio in check. I have NO desire to become a runner, but I like the calorie burn and it feels pretty amazing once you are finished. “Once you are finished,” being the key words here. Otherwise, I DESPISE running. I’m thinking one of those fun Mud Runs might just be up my alley.


Day 4 of the Whole30 Challenge. So far, I’m hanging in there. Sucking down my third cup of coffee with unsweetened coconut/almond milk. Not too disgusting. Am fully missing my heavy whipping cream that I usually put into my coffee, and my Truvia. My biggest issue though, is that I’m eating way too many calorie dense foods. Lots of nuts, almond/cashew butter, bananas, whipped coconut milk. Actually, all of those together sound almost good, like a crappy, health food freak sundae, but a sundae none the less! Starting on Monday, I’m going to log what I eat and try to keep the calories at around 1500. For those of you who are thinking, “What sort of insane diet are you trying out now?,” click on my badge (cool blogger lingo for that rectangle on my home page that says Whole30.) It helps to know that I have a friend doing it with me as well. A fellow mom/CrossFitter friend who also has a house full of kids, spaghetti, cheese, sugar and a hungry husband.


Three more days until school starts for half my brood. I cannot even think of a word that expresses my sheer joy. It’s like the happiness of a childhood Christmas morning, times 1,000. No, times 1,000,000. My neighbors will be so happy to not have to listen to me screaming, “Stop screaming!!,” at my kids at 9:00 am. Ok, so they may still hear me at 8:30, but after that, it’s school time!


Am very excited to have shopped at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I never buy clothes, but try to hit up this sale once every year. Quality over quantity! It’s not all their old crap they are trying to off load, it’s the new Fall stuff. My order had free shipping, 40% off everything, PLUS, they honored the Oklahoma Tax Free weekend! It hasn’t arrived yet but I ordered some NYDJ (aka, cool mom jeans). I’ve never worn them before and I ordered two pairs in two sizes. An 8 and a 6. Hopefully, it’s the 8’s going back!


For the first time I can see that I’ve changed some habits for good. The sugar intake is in control (aside from donut binges that I have to sacrifice my own body for to spare my children’s lives). I’ve lost all desire for a sandwich or a bagel. It is not hard for me to bypass a latte for black coffee. AND, after one full year at CrossFit, I can officially say, I’m hooked on fitness once again. Oh, what a feeling! It’s taken me one full year to reach this point, but now that I’m in the driver’s seat, it’s time to look like I am as well.


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