Take that, Magic Mike!

Did anyone happen to notice the Whole30 badge that appeared today on the side of my blog? Yes, I’ve started the Whole30. I was motivated to do so by my fellow blogger and friend in Paleo-Faileos (ahem, chocolate covered potato chips anyone?),  girlmeetspaleo. I started off my diet eating an avocado, then a tomato, then some black coffee and now a few eggs… Boring? Why, yes, it is! Then I looked at her blog and saw all these amazing recipes! Cherry Chipotle Chili…. Chicken Strawberry Macadamia Salad… Oh my! If only I had the time. I’m a stuff and run kinda girl. Stuff it in my pie hole, try to remember to chew and run out the door, or after a kid, or to hide in the closet.

I will, however, live vicariously through her. And maybe even try out some recipes once the kids head back to school. My friend Julie, from Crossfit, has joined me in the Whole30 and of course, Fat Tom and I are in the midst of planning our next friendly challenge. This time it won’t be about pounds lost, but about hitting goals. For example, I want to run another 5K and see if I can do it under 30 minutes. I’d also like to be able to do a few pull-ups without tearing the shit out of my hands. Anyone else want to join in? Let’s start feeling good! Danny? Oh, Danny? 😉

For your viewing pleasure:

Here is a photo of Fat Tom at his 40th birthday party in Vegas, attempting some Magic Mike action. Don’t worry, they booted him off the stage once he started on his belt buckle! This photo made Facebook, so figured, why not my blog! Whoo hoo! You’re welcome, Tom. Maybe you’ll get a whole new crowd of followers! Just doing my part.


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