For the Love of Donuts

Oh, let me pick up some donuts “for my kids.” Insert four donuts into the bakery bag. Wait, why in the world would I give my kids donuts when they aren’t even asking for them? Do I want them to be fat, hyper, unhealthy and toothless? What kind of mother am I to force feed sugar laden breakfast treats on my children? Well, now that I’ve placed them into the bag, I have to buy them. I could just throw them out, but what kind of example am I setting for my children by doing that? Wasting money AND wasting food? What about all the starving people around the world who could live another day off these very donuts? How could I even be so selfish as to even think about throwing them away? So, I did what any    selfless parent would do. I took one for the team. Well, more like FOUR for the team. I gobbled up all those donuts right there in the store, then handed the checker an empty bag and confidently announced, “There were four donuts in there. For my kids. But I spared them the repercussions and ate them all.” I patiently waited for her to gush over me about what an amazing mom I am, but she just looked in the bag, chucked it the trash and added $2.00 to my receipt. Maybe I should have eaten a donut on her behalf as well?

By the way, last week was National Grab a Handful of Nuts Day.  It’s never too late to grab some nuts. 😉


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