The results are in!

Well, the weight loss results are in at least. I didn’t make it to my goal of 130 for the trip, but after getting my body fat test re-done today, I have learned some valuable information. The  original goal I had of 130 was actually too low. Had I starved myself and not built any muscle mass, I bet I could have reached it. My body fat went down by 3.9% which now puts me in the “normal” range for my height. AND I love that the weight that was lost was FAT and very little muscle. I plan to keep up the intensity until I reach my goal. My new goal of having a fat mass of 20lbs. No more weighing in on the scale for now (ha, who am I kidding, I’ll still be on it everyday). I just want that body fat % to keep dropping.

Here are my results after one month of dedication.

Before                                        Now

Weight:     143                            135

Body Fat:  27.6%                        23.7%

Lean Mass: 103.53lbs                 103lbs

Fat Mass:    39.47lbs                   32lbs

Whoo hoo! That means I’ve lost 7.47lbs of PURE, DISGUSTING, SQUISHY, SQUASHY FAT! So should I go to Vegas even though I didn’t hit the mark?

Today I went to the allergist who tried to do a skin test on me, but I was too “reactive” all over. They said they’d have to take blood instead. Blood yesterday, and more, lots more, today. Awesome! I’m sure I’ve lost at least another pound in blood.

His diagnosis:  I’m either allergic to something or have some sort of virus that is causing hives. Really? You think? I just thought that it was normal to walk around looking I got attacked by a raccoon.  Not my best look, let me tell you.

I can only imagine how AWESOME I will look stuffed into in my slightly too small bikini, all pasty white, covered in scratches and blotches. I meant to go shopping for a new bikini. I also meant to get a bikini wax and a spray tan. Vegas is SO not ready for this show!


9 thoughts on “The results are in!

  1. M friends son had hives for a few days and it turned out it was a virus. Evie just had a similar rash for 3 days and the doctor said the same, a virus.

  2. Well done. After thinking that you weren’t getting results, you were getting better than you knew. Awesome work and you go to Vegas, in your teeny weeny bikini, and have a ball!!! You are an inspiration…now if only I could get my butt of the couch and that wine out of my hand!!!

    • Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can! I don’t look that different but am feeling “tighter” and that’s good enough for me! Hopefully my next photo will show more proof! You can do it!

    • Thank you! It was you who knocked me off of my shake addiction and got me to push it one step further! Thank you! I’m gonna keep at it until I’m in those 6’s!!

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