Gluten or chocolate? Either way, I’m screwed.

So the crazy skin allergy continues to ravish my body. Normally, I wouldn’t object to being ravished, but this is just too much. I went back to the doc today and he said he thinks it’s a sudden onset of celiac or a gluten intolerance. He suggests that since I ate a reduced gluten diet while in China (lots of veggies, meat and daily rice), combined with my age of 38, can lead to gluten issues. He said that my returning to America to stuff myself with every gluten filled sandwich, donut, bagel and pasta under the sun, and then to suddenly strip it from my diet again (Paleo), can have it effects. He said an allergy can develop overnight. Basically, I could have screwed myself over, big time.

The only other thing I can think of is chocolate. I was eating dark chocolate when the shit really hit the fan. I’ve stopped now, and am still itchy,  but am feeling much better. I did eat ONE (ok, three) chocolate chip cookies yesterday and had a horrible stomach ache and started itching all over.

So today he took some blood and is sending me to an allergist tomorrow.

On a good note, For the past three days I have taken a water retention pill and weighed in at…….133.6lbs!! This morning. Naked. After the DRAMATIC effects of drinking a cup of Lacy’s Super Dieter’s Tea. Now, none of that does a damn thing for my fat loss, but at least I’m now three pounds away from getting on that flight to Vegas on Saturday!!!

Tomorrow I go in for my body fat test #2 to see the real status of my fatness. I’ll keep you posted because I KNOW there couldn’t possibly be anything more interesting in your life right now that checking in on my body fat%.


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