Man Hands. Viewer discretion is advised.

Gross. Thought I’d share a sample of my allergic reaction I’m going through. It migrates to different parts of my body every 10 minutes or so. The Dr. said, “I can’t believe it’s changing right before my eyes.” Working out is not super fun with a hot, burning, itchy rash popping up all over your body. Trust me when I say, “all over.” 

Then to top it all off, I ripped the skin on my hand while doing pull ups at Crossfit. Sure, I’ve seen other fanatical fitness freaks of nature who do that. They just put some tape or that white powder stuff on their hands and keep going. But, of course, they are doing hundreds of “real” pull ups. I did five. AND with a giant rubber band thing to assist me. Naturally, I quit right there on the spot and ran around showing everyone my injury. The instructor said, “Welcome to Crossfit.” He felt bad for me and my pathetic attempt at trying to look like a cool Crossfitter.

Now I’m probably going to lose my entire hand or at least a few fingers due to the staff infection I’m sure to have contracted. I tried to wash my hand, but it hurt too bad so I just slapped a band-aid on over the whole dirty mess. Keep in mind, the “whole dirty mess” is about the size of a dime.

I never wanted to tear up my hands and have some sort of rite of passage into Crossfit. I just want to look cute in my clothes and God willing, a bikini?? Is that too much to ask? Now instead, I’ll look like that chick from Seinfeld who ripped up chunks of her bread at the table. Remember her? Man Hands. I have become Man Hands.


8 thoughts on “Man Hands. Viewer discretion is advised.

  1. Wow, maybe sweating is not a good idea whilst you are so rashy. Maybe all the exercise is causing the allergic reaction? Either way, you look like you’ve lost weight…well done!!!

  2. As soon as the rip on your hands take place or after WOD, you should have washed then poured salt on it repeating numerous of times to harden the hand. Just did mine in too and all is well the day after. Welcome to crossfit.

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