No! Not the tomato!

Just got up out of bed at midnight…in a Benadryl/Prednisone induced coma, due to a mystery food allergy….. all so I can eat one of the tomatoes that my neighbor grew in his garden. No, I didn’t climb the fence (but I would have), he brought them over earlier this week. I can’t stop thinking about them. All red and juicy, sprinkled with salt for maximum water retention in my hips….. Lord have mercy. If I find out it’s these tomatoes I’m allergic to, life is over for me as I know it, because I will then be walking around with hives all over my body until the end of time. They are THAT good.

The tomatoes and dark chocolate are the only “new” things I’ve eaten this week and the Dr. said, “It’s an allergic reaction to something you have ingested.” I can’t believe I’m saying this, and going against the greatest sweetness of all time, but PLEASE don’t be the tomato!


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