How to impress the neighbors (again).

21 more days to go until Vegas. And I’m weighing in at 140lbs. The goal is to be 130. I think I cut myself a raw deal because I’m working my ass off and the numbers are not changing. I should have done a body fat % dealio. Here is the weird thing about it all though. My weight is the same, my clothes fit the same, BUT… I think I look better naked. Hmm. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I look “better” naked, not “great,” “hot,” or even “semi-decent,” naked. Just better than before. Really though, I want to be smaller. Muscle is good and all, but it is not getting me into smaller jeans, nor is it getting me on that damn plane to Vegas.

Status update:

I’ve now been clocking in at Crossfit 3x’s a week and upping the intensity…a bit. I’m still running 3-5 x’s a week for about 2.5-3 miles each time. Have been eating clean with a few slip ups here and there. Nothing earth shattering. No beer guzzling, mac-n-cheese eating, or frosting tub dipping here! Today I started the BFC Fast Track diet (again) but this time my mom and Coy are doing it with me, so here’s hoping! Is it possible to lose 10lbs in three weeks? I haven’t lost one pound in three months!

Now, I did go get my body fat tested last week and it was 29% of fatness. That is 39lbs of curdled lovin’ right there. Maybe when I get it checked again, it will be enough to convince Coy to let me switch the rules on my own bet and go to Vegas.

Fourth of July was great. We impressed our neighbors with our patriotism. We tried to hang our flag on the side of the house in a fancy flag holding bracket thing, like everyone else, but it required drilling holes and other daunting tasks, so we opted for the all impressive “jam it into the front lawn and hold it up with some old free weights” option. It wasn’t as exciting as our spinning, rainbow lights, hot pink sombrero wearing, Christmas tree was though… But I think they get the picture. We’ve just got class and aren’t afraid to show it.

I owe you all (and Danny) an updated photo, so I’ll do my best to get on that ASAP. Mom is here visiting for another week (yeah!) so we are pretty busy with the kiddos and some projects around the house.  Busy people keep their hands out of the cookie jar, so hopefully, it will be a most impressive photo update. Here’s hoping! Wish me luck on getting to Vegas, or better yet, send me some fast diet tips…you know I’ll try them!



9 thoughts on “How to impress the neighbors (again).

  1. I would love to see a 2 week log (or at least 1 wk) of what you’re eating. ;). Keep it up girl. You’re persistence will pay off!

  2. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy jeans with a stretch waist? You know they have all thos $2.99 food buffets in Vegas. If you wear really high heels you will look taller and thinner. I know walk around in stilts and it’s working for me.

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