No flipping way!

The video arrived and it’s awesome (and mortifying) at the same time. I babble on like a talking stuffed sausage on speed. Watching the back flip out of the plane is the best part and the cool hair do at the end is most impressive. I wish I could share it with you all but it looks like I’d have to pay for a video upgrade (as if!) and also I can’t figure out how to upload it anyway. So these shots will have to do, and then you can go give it a try for yourself sometime!

Headed to the plane. Checking to see if I have the shakes. 🙂

Hanging on the edge about to jump…err…flip out of the plane. Totally rockin’ the sausage look.

Yes, this is me back-flipping out of the plane. It was his “signature move.” Not many guys I know can say that. 😉



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