“Because, I’m Free! Free-falling!”

I thought plummeting towards my grave at over 120 mph would stir up some life altering emotions inside me. I thought, for sure this experience would enlighten my spirit for adventure and bring out the adventuress who is (possibly) locked up inside. I’d love to say that is what happened, but since I’m now in the habit of just putting it all out there, here comes the truth, spilling out in my usual shameless fashion. This is what was going through my mind as we backflipped out of the plane at 11,000 feet.

1. These goggles look stupid. They are like swim goggles, not super cool skydive goggles. Plus the color doesn’t match my outfit.

2. The videographer REALLY wants me to give her a thumbs up and I just think I’ll keep smiling and ignoring her.

3. I can feel all my fat flapping in the wind. God, I really need to lose weight.

4. Oh crap, everyone will see my flapping fat in the video.

5. I wonder if my teeth look white when I’m smiling up against white clouds? Maybe I should stop smiling.

6. Eeew. I really should stop smiling or else I might have bugs stuck in my teeth.

7. I’m hungry.

8. These straps feel like I have Spanx on my thighs. And a built in butt lifter. Cool.

9. I bet Coy took the kids out for donuts this morning.

10. Mmmmm. Donuts…

11. I’d really like her to stop trying to get me to give her the thumbs up.

12. The guys packed Miller Light in the cooler. Why doesn’t anyone like Bud Light, like me?

Impressed? Of course on my video I babble on like an idiot, “Oh, I’m doing this for my kids….yak, yak, yak.” “It was so amazing!” “Worth every penny!”

But I think I blew my cover when she asked me if I’d do it again. “Eh, probably not.” All joking aside, it was actually a very cool experience and it was worth every penny. It wasn’t what I thought it would be, especially since I’m scared to death of heights, but it was fun. I’d do it again with Coy or one of my kids if they ever wanted to. I was curious about what it would feel like, but never thought I’d try it. So glad I did, and now I know. 🙂 Once the video arrives in the mail, I’ll figure out how to post it.

As far as weight loss, I’m still in the running with Danny, but am slowly moving forward. I had my body fat checked and it was 27%. 39lbs of fat. Gross. I stopped my protein shake which I found out had as many calories as a day’s worth of food, so hopefully I will start to see faster results. Whoo hoo! Am still doing Crossfit 3X’s a week and running on the other days. Time for some results, already! This fat girl needs to go to put away her one-piece! Ok, so I’m not actually wearing a one-piece yet either…

I completed the Color Run with my friend Jennifer. She described my “after” look as a Pollock painting. I described her “after” look as a crazed butcher. She thought more like a stabbing victim. Needless to say, she won’t let me post her picture, but here is mine. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on ““Because, I’m Free! Free-falling!”

    • Thank you! I bet they do have it in your area. It’s in most major cities…. maybe one nearby? Look up color run and see what you find. They have a night one we are going to do called the Glow Run with glow stick goo thrown at you. Beer garden at the end! Yeah!

  1. I love the Color Run pic, too! 🙂 I’ll be having my own fancy Color Run pic in just a few weeks.. I haven’t run more than a couple hundred meters since, hmm, last October… so it should be interesting.

    What do you put in your protein shake to make it so calorie-dense?? It’s a good idea to keep the protein, but just make it less calories, I’m sure..

    And… AWESOME job on the skydiving!! Crazy girl! 🙂

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