“Do what? Are you crazy? Ok, I’m in.”

It’s not one of those bucket list kind of things, or even an attempt to overcome a deep fear of mine either, the opportunity just sort of fell into my lap. Well, for $300, it did. Here is how I let Coy know about what I was planning to do while visiting Judy and Mamie in Houston this weekend.

Ring, ring Coy’s office. “Hi babe! I have some great news to share with you! I know you are so busy with work and the kids, so I thought I’d save you some time and stress by buying both my anniversary and birthday gifts today!”

Silence. More silence. And some more.

“So, if it’s ok with you, I’d like to go skydiving this Saturday with Judy!”

I hear him suck in a deep breath. After, what I imagine him viewing of his life with four kids and me buried six feet under, he then asks me how much this “gift” is going to cost. He is a finance guy, after all.

“Well, actually it barely costs anything. I mean it’s $300, but after you subtract out the savings from not having to go gift shopping in Tulsa for me (possible day off work, a Starbucks coffee, lunch at the Mexican place, gas, etc. times 2 occasions to shop for…oh and of course, the two gifts to buy..), it probably breaks even.”

Oh, is that so? 

“Yes! And the fact that Judy and I cannot go out on Friday night because we are skydiving the next morning saves us at least an additional $100 as well. You know I could easily drop $100 on a night out with Judy!”

So you are trying to tell me that we are actually “saving” money by you going skydiving?

‘Yes! Can you believe it? So on top of saving you time and stress, I’m also saving us money! Here I go again, taking one for the team. Skydiving for our family’s financial security! Doing my part to put our kids through college. Maybe I won’t even have to go back to work? I could just skydive a few times a year?”

I love you. Click.

“So……… I’ll take that as a “yes” I can go.” 🙂

Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on ““Do what? Are you crazy? Ok, I’m in.”

  1. That is funny and that is a crazy idea. I am scared to death of heights but hey, if it’s one for the family, go for it!!

  2. I’m sure you will have fun. I have been before, but it didn’t cost anywhere near $300. It was like $130-150 per person. Double check the pricing, don’t want you being taken here. 🙂 Have fun!

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