Nose Scalping

Nothing like hitting your own nose doing a Push Press at CrossFit. He said to “keep it close,” well, at least I think he did. I just clipped the end of it as I hoisted all 15 lbs of the bar up over my head. Either I have a big ole honker or…. I have a big ole honker. You’d think the boobs alone would keep the bar out far enough. Maybe I just need bigger boobs? Hmmm.

In any case, am so pissed off. Not because of the nose scalping, but because last night I went to a CrossFit class (first time ever in the evening and TOTALLY by accident) and therefore, was super excited this morning to go to my regular class. Why? Because, I was dying to say, “Is there another workout I can do since I did this one last night?” Stupid way to think, I know, but I wanted to see everyone’s reaction. Maria? Worked out last night too? No way. But, I was an idiot and forgot to turn on my alarm. I NEVER do that! My little moment of feeling like a supreme super stud passed me by while I was burrowed away under my covers. I could re-create the situation, but now that I just blogged about it, there would be no point.

Today was my first 20 minute without stopping run. I think that means I’m a runner now? 🙂 Once I hit 30 minutes I’m going to download the app Zombies, Run! If you start to slow down, the zombies begin to get closer and threaten to eat your brains.  Now, I know Danny is training for some sort of marathon or something. Bah. But mark my words, no amount of running that boy does will be able to match my Crossfit/Runner combination.

New pictures will be uploaded on Monday. Vegas, here I come!


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