“Hey Daaaanny boy!”

Just wanted to let Danny know that while he was tucked all cozy under his duvet, snoring away this morning, I did:

20 push ups

100 jump ropes

20  air squats

45 squat lift things with 25lb bar

45 atomic situps ( I used the GHS for 3/4)

ran  1/2 mile (800M) at Crossfit

ran 2 miles (3.2K) more once I got home

Just thought you’d like to know…….. All before 7am.


17 thoughts on ““Hey Daaaanny boy!”

  1. Not to mention feeding the kids, picking up the laundry, doing a couple of loads, breakfast and lunches for everyone, cleaning the kitchen, rescuing the library books …….
    It just cracks me up that men “work out”. Women just get it done!
    Today you are all that …… and a bag of chips! (Do pita chips count as “chips”?) LOL You go girl!

  2. washed and folded 2 loads, emptied and reloaded dishwasher, fed, dressed, teeth and hair brushed four kids, 2 diapers changed, breakfast for 5 done, floor swept, 5 picnic lunches made, 5 beds made, showered, coffee drank, power smoothie in the blender and…it’s 8:56am. Get. It. Done! thanks girlie!

  3. Ahhh Maria Maria Maria… well done and I am pleased to hear how amazingly you are doing… Though need I remind you that you do all this and manage to put weight on? I am sure that is what I read in many of your posts… How is the diet going?

    Yesterday I ate a burger and chips – a burger that was stuffed with Chorizo AND mozerella…

    I am still loosing weight though… You are gunna loose…

    Oh… And I didnt get out of bed till 730 this morning… the boyf and I were snuggled up right cosey 🙂

    • You suck. I’m so gonna eat one of those burgers tomorrow wise guy. OMG that sounded so good. I ate a piece of grilled chicken and roasted cauliflower. It was unsatisfying. Curse you and your ability to lose weight. Tomorrow I vow to eat celery all day.

      • hahahaha that sounds DELISH!!!

        Last night for dinner Jay made home made chicken burgers minus the bun with a home made tomato sauce and home made sweet potato fries… was effing amazing!!!

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