You all SUCK at heckling. Suck, suck, suck.


7 thoughts on “FYI

  1. You’re hard to heckle! I can so identify with you that if I heckle you, I will be essentially heckling myself. If I find fault in you, I would probably find fault in the fact that I completely blew off my workout yesterday and instead went to one of my fav grills and promptly downed three glasses of wine and a pot of fondue with WHITE BREAD to myself! I only wish I had some Smooth Move tea, but I’m having to rely on way too much coffee to 1). Get rid of the fatty, caloric waste that still churns in my gut, and 2). To give me enough energy to endure a particularly brutal workout to make myself pay for such poor, poor choices!

    • Oh no! Don’t worry, you needed the red wine for your heart as well as for therapeutic relaxation. IF your not relaxed, your body produces cortisol which makes yo even fatter. Good thing you had that wine. You just shaved at least 2 lbs of stress fat off your body. Phew. GOod thinking!

      • Yes! That’s it, Maria! You’re a genius! I better get to the store and get a bottle for tonight. And here I was going to let a Friday night go by without proper relaxation and de-stressifying!

  2. Heckling ay!!!! How has the first week of the challenge gone? I am STILL sick… all it makes me want to do is eat comfort food… I am doing my best though….

    I will win this challenge… as soon as I am better – you will see 🙂

    • ba ha ha. You are so funny! Especially your joke about winning! I may need to buy myself some “pullups” as I just about pee’d my pants laughing! Hope you start felling better soon. I’m down 1.5 lbs, not bad. Feeling good and in control for the first time in a long while.

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