Best. Pot. Ever.

I knew right away what it was when Coy handed it to me. The paper felt smooth and it was packed so tight. I wasn’t at all surprised by how big it was. This one sure was a fatty! I shouted, “My pot! My pot!” I couldn’t wait to fire it up! Coy knows just where to get the best pot in town. The kids were watching me with wide eyes, but they are much too young to handle this kind of pot. This is going to be the best pot we’ve ever had. And it’s French!

Yep, you guessed it. I got a new Le Creuset pot. The one I was wanting in their new blue color. I’m in love. The perfect gift for my collection. Having pretty stuff to cook with makes a world of difference. It’s the happiest cookwear on the planet. The guy who sold me my first pot in purple, told me this, “Now that you own a Le Creuset pot you must call it “Aubergine,” NOT purple.” I about died laughing. I know my blue pot has a name too, but for now it’s just “blue pot.”

So I’m completely humiliated by the fact that I started this blog almost two months ago and have actually gained weight. That is why I haven’t posted my weight in a while. Am just getting fatter. And the worst part about that is I’ve actually run almost every day for the past 2 weeks! Now, it’s C25K, not 3 straight miles of running, but about 2 miles of jog/walking a day. The food is my worst enemy but other than a piece of birthday cake the other night, I’ve TOTALLY cut way, way back on sugar. Carbs have still been in existence, but quite low and I’ve stopped eating bananas, which I love.

Sigh. Was hoping this blog would help others while I shed a few myself. Instead, it’s just a big, FAT, pity party. And I’m the only one who showed up. I’ve lost weight a hundred times before. Now it’s my mission to find out what the hell I’m doing wrong this time. Can stress really be a bigger culprit than I’d thought? Is it possible to do most things right but still have an ass the size of Texas?

People always tell me, “Don’t focus on losing weight, focus on being healthy.” Yeah, ok. As if I didn’t know that already. Everybody knows that. They are right though. But I’d still be running to the scale everyday to see if “eating healthy” has made me lose weight. Maybe the new pot will motivate me to cook up some healthy meals. Ok, off to bed now. CrossFit in 5 hours. Listen! Do you hear the violins playing? Those are for me, I’m not yet done wallowing at my pity party. Good night.


13 thoughts on “Best. Pot. Ever.

  1. So, it seems we are in the club together…my problem is wine though! And exercise (or lack thereof!). I’m sure you are gaining muscles and losing weight, just the scales aren’t showing yet…good luck!

    • I wish. I have cut back on alcohol a ton too. I’m just hungry all the time and eat with the kids even when I’m not hungry. No portion control abilities either. Like I said before, under this fat, I must look like Heidi Klum! Ha ha.

  2. Maria – Dieting sucks ass… good cooking pots are awesome… not loosing weight sucks ass… yummy bad food is awesome… Paleo sucks ass… bread is awesome…

    OK so I am feeling a little disenchated of late with eating right also… why weren’t we just born with amazing genetics like those people we see on tele?

    I have had no inspiration for blogging of late… though yours always makes me smile…

    Ill be starting afresh tomorrow… my BF is taking me to NY for my birthday in July… now THAT is awesome… I need to look awesome… *sigh*

    • Tell me about it! When is your birthday trip? I have a friend’s b-day trip in Vegas on July 28th and want to look great poolside. It should motivate me at some point!
      don’t worry about the blogging. it has done jack shit for keeping me on track, but I still have fun with it.mmmm, bread. I’d do about anything for bread about now. Hot sourdough with butter.

      • Yeah it hasnt really kept me clean just made me feel guilty 🙂

        off to NY on the 25th of July… so we are aiming for the same time period to look amazing… lets have a competition 🙂

      • I didn’t think that comment through very well… lets go for a competition end date of 15th of July maybe – most progress from a diet and body shape change? hahaha It would mean posting pictures of ourselves though – which the BF hates 🙂

      • Sounds good to me because I have NO shame to my game. Obviously. I’m off to bed now but think about it and I will too. Let the battle of the hotness begin!

  3. I thought you had taken up marijuana when I started reading the latest post! Best. Pot. Ever. Couldn’t wait to fire it up. Xoxo

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