“Me eat Paleo. Small butt goood.”

I’m starting today. May 9, 2012. Actually, I’ll start the eating part tomorrow. Today is preparation day. I stopped by the grocery store after this morning’s CrossFit workout and picked up a ton of veggies and meat. “Me now eat like Caveman.” Now I have to clear the cupboards (via my mouth) of all treats.

My thoughts about giving Paleo (or a version of it) a shot again are this:

Observation #1: Cavemen ate all their food cooked over an open fire (grill) and now that it’s practically summer, we (Coy) will be grilling every night.                                    Conclusion: Paleo means less cooking for me!

Observation #2: If we actually eat like cavemen, we will be using our hands more often. (Think chicken legs and wings.)                                                                               Conclusion: Paleo means less dishes for me!

Observation #3: The kids always hang outside with daddy when he grills.            Conclusion: Paleo means I can catch up with the Housewives of Orange County while Coy cooks AND watches the kids at the same time!

Observation #4: Preparing tons of meat and veggies everyday requires lots of washing, peeling and chopping.                                                                                            Conclusion: Paleo means my fingers and wrists will be so skinny AND Coy will most likely have to buy me new jewelry because of it.

I love clean out the fridge of junk food the day before I start a diet days. Yummy. You want to know what’s different about this diet this time? Well, I’m being crazy and starting a diet on a THURSDAY! I mean, who does that? I’ll probably be wildly successful and will have to write a book about why you should never start a diet on a Monday. My book list is getting longer!


5 thoughts on ““Me eat Paleo. Small butt goood.”

      • I have one week down. I don’t feel as bloated as I did when I started. I also keep my carbs very low per my Dr. She to is supportive of the Paleo Diet because you cut out alot of Carbs. LOL Hang in there! I am dreading the weekend, which is my biggest obstacle. I am making a plan to keep busy and to stay motivated! I know we can do this!

      • I’m in! How nice to not have that constant bloated/puffy feeling. I’m baking a gooey chocolate cake for a friends birthday right now. SO HARD to not lick the bowl or nibble on chocolate chips…

      • I understand completely! I just went to the grocery store and I was hungry I bought bananas so I could snack! It was all I could think of! I really want to make it through 30 days. It is good to here that I am not the only one who struggles through!

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