Rubber Jeans Pee

Rubber Jeans Pee. Apparently, these three words used together have helped people stumble across my blog. Of course they had to filter though pages and pages of porn links to find my blog, so I thought I’d make it easier for them. There. Now all those Rubber Jeans Pee people have a direct link to my blog that, in-fact, does include rubber, jeans and now…. pee.

Here you go. Today on Facebook, I saw a photo of a friend of mine who was at a party. He was wearing a name tag that said, “The first time I met my in-laws, I pee’d in their bed.” If you’re randomly wondering if this was my friend Fat Tom, you’re right!

Last night was a tame Cinco de Drinko. After doing my c25k run, I poured myself a margi (crystal light margarita mocktail mixed with tequila.) Half way thorough, I realized that I only have 9 days till my next Put On The Pants Day. I finished my drink, resisted the urge to join in on a slice of banana cream pie, and went to bed by 11:00. All with the hopes of squeezing in another run today.

The kids were up at 6:00 anyway. Good thing I was not hungover. The first thing Kaia wanted to do was check out the baby birds in the backyard. So cute, I have to share with you. 

Well, there you have it. Rubber Jeans Pee. I’m thrilled to have acquired a whole new class of readers. What a beautiful start to my day. That and these adorable little babies, four of them!


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