Cinco de Drinko

Yep, tomorrow is one of my most favorite holidays! Cinco de Mayo! Of course, I never actually do a damn thing on this day, but tomorrow it is on a Saturday! Who can pass up this fine opportunity to eat copious amounts of guacamole washed down with some top shelf margaritas? Every year since I’ve entered the real world (marriage and kids), I fantasize about myself wearing a huge sombrero in a cheesy, Mexican restaurant shouting “Ole!” while tossing one hand up in the air and chugging my Tecate with the other.

Sadly, this fantasy will have to wait. Tomorrow I’ll have the joy of laundry and housework while Coy busts one chasing the kids all day. Today school was canceled due to not having used up any snow days. Of course with the kids home all day, it looks like a herd of rabid elephants just ran through my home. In a few more years I should have these kids trained well enough in household chores that Mommy can at least enjoy Cinco de Mayo from her spot on the sofa. Tecate in hand. πŸ™‚

All joking aside, I think that if I owned a bar, I’d have Cinco de Drinko. A huge Mexican party on the 5th of EVERY month. Perfect for a monthly Girl’s Night Out.

Although I will not be donning a sombrero tomorrow, I will attempt to cook up some Mexican food. And maybe drink down a Crystal Light Margarita mocktail. Somehow, it just doesn’t sound as good shouting out “Ole!” in my kitchen while wearing a bathrobe, but it will have to do.

This week I made it to CrossFit 3x’s and have run 3x’s. Things are looking good. The fog is lifting and so is my ass.


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