“Rest, drink fluids and take it easy.” Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Picture your worst hangover (minus the puking of your organs)… now put on a bra made of lead, a DDD…. finally imagine that you are slowly being poisoned to death. That is how I feel today. Actually, how I’ve felt for about a week. Been twice to the doctor. Blood tests: fine. Chest X-ray: fine. Mono test: fine

I felt so bad that I had to have my friend Deidre come and watch my kids for a couple of hours so I could sleep today. Now that is a great friend. Ultimately, the Dr. told me to “Rest, drink fluids and take it easy.” Seriously? I’m sure I mentioned the fact that I have 4 kids under the age of 7.

So I’ve put some thought to this as well as received a second opinion from Dr. Google. Here are my thoughts….

* There is no way Coy is poisoning me. He’d have to wait at least a good 5 more years before that, a babysitter for 4 kids is really expensive.

* Since I can’t chase after the kids, I was considering buying some of those electric shock collars. With a remote I can use from the couch.

* Being sick is a blessing in disguise. I have no appetite and you all know what that means. Woot! Woot! I’m for sure going to drop a few pounds. Too bad I’m not puking also. I never get the good illnesses.

Ok, well that is it for now. I can’t make dinner, fold laundry, or do dishes for my family, but I can blog when I’m sick. Hmmm, that’s not going to score me any sympathy points at the home front. See what an addict I’ve become? Truth be told, I feel like big shit. Were talking buffalo sized. But blogging about it today is the one thing that has made me smile. On the inside.


11 thoughts on ““Rest, drink fluids and take it easy.” Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

  1. I too am sick~! Horrible sore throat, complete lack of energy, feel like I am being dragged down to the bottom of the ocean with a noose around my neck. I hope we both feel better soon! I took my first nap in about 7 years today! Take care!

  2. Oh, this is not good! Sorry to hear you’re sick…..especially when you can’t even take advantage of calling in sick!

    Hope you’re right as rain, soon!

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