Pull it together girl!

If Britney can pull it together after this….

When Britney attacks

If John can get a date after this….

Image Detail

If Bill can regain respect after this….

Image Detail

Then I can lose a  measly 15 pounds. I mean COME ON! If I don’t do something tomorrow (because it’s Monday, start a diet day of course) I’m going to have to rename my blog bungeecordpants.

So here is my plan starting tomorrow.

Diet: Follow the basics of BFC by sticking to 6 servings of carbs a day and 15 grams of sugar. The only difference this time is I’m only going to reach those numbers if I have to and by way of whole grains and vegetable carbs. Sugars should be coming from my fruit only. 6 cups of water. 1 C of green tea. 1 scoop of my protein powder. 1 scoop of my super green antioxidant powder.


M-W-F 5:30am Crossfit workout.

3X’S a week C25K running (or whatever they tell me to do.)

Now, since it’s Sunday and obviously I’m starting my diet tomorrow (you all know that rule), I’m going to relax with the last of my Michelob Ultras (compliments of my neighbor who reads this blog….saboteur!). Must get all temptations out of the fridge, for support.

Beer curls. See, always thinking.

"Look ma, low carbs!"


4 thoughts on “Pull it together girl!

  1. Good idea getting your sugar from fruit. When I mention that to people, most of the time they look at me like I’m nuts & how can that possibly be done! I found some yummy splelt english muffins at Mothers Market. I had never had spelt before. Quinoa is another discovery I’ve made while looking for tasty & healthy alternatives to pasta.

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