I put on the damn pants.

Updated my weight on the scale and put on the pants. Check them out under the Evil Scale and Before and After. So depressing. Also, today while trying to wrangle a birthday balloon out of the ceiling fan, I fell and landed on my shoulder blade/neck region. Coy walked in the room and stepped right over me. I guess he thought I was just taking a nap in the middle of the floor or something.  Don’t worry, it’s ok to laugh. It wasn’t the only stupid thing I did today. Eating the whole carton of my “sugar free” ice cream was even stupider. Thank God this day is over in an hour and a half. Thank God.


2 thoughts on “I put on the damn pants.

  1. Oh geez . . . are you OK? Go and get a massage? Do you have a place that does acupuncture by you? Maybe they can help you with your issue 🙂 you are so funny even when you are not trying to be. I think you should take all these crazy experiences and write a book . . . it would be a hit and best seller for sure 🙂

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