Where’s the wine fridge?

Do microbiologists workout? My guess is they sit in some sort of lab all day and do scientific experiments with test tubes and petri dishes. Then again, lots of us sit on our asses all day, especially at the computer, like I’m doing right now. Maybe microbiologists run on the treadmill while their blood samples are spinning? I only ask because at the gym, one of the girls who was exhausted, announced while sprawled out on the floor,  “I have the upper body of a microbiologist!” She is pretty strong, but my guess is she was making a jab at the dude who reads his Superman comic book while the blood samples are spinning.

Before I forget, I updated pictures of Suzy (on the Beer and Bread and Suzy post) and my fatness on the evil scale for your viewing pleasure. Today was Day 1 of doing a 30 day Paleo challenge. Coy, the kids, and I are doing it.  I bought a great cookbook called Everyday Paleo. It’s perfect for families with kids. Plus great before and after pictures of people. You know you love looking at those! “OMG, she was sooo fat, but LOOK!, because of Paleo, she can wear her old jeans from High School!” What kind of person keeps old jeans from high school? Loser. But I want to be “her” anyway. So I’m gonna do it. I was a size 6 in high school if anyone has any old acid washed, zipper ankled, Guess jeans lying around.

Today the guys from Ground Zero came to install our underground, 7 person, tornado shelter. They put it in the garage and Reeve spend the whole time watching them through the cat door. Cute. His arms got tired of holding the flap up, so he stuck out a leg and just sat there.When the guys finished, I went out to inspect. I guess I had a disappointed look on my face because they asked me, “Does everything look alright?” I opened it up and said, “Not really. Where is the wine fridge?” They looked at me with stone cold faces and said, “That’ll be $3,540, please.” Humph. So maybe I’ve got bigger plans for that baby.  I’m wondering if my wireless connection will work in there. How else am I going to blog while drinking wine and hiding from my kids? I mean tornados.

Today at Crossfit, I managed two consecutive double unders (where you jump rope but the rope spins 2x’s around with each jump.) The rest (the other148) just kept whipping me on my jiggly ass, I’ve got the marks to prove it. Coy is going to start questioning what it is I’m really doing at 5:30am!


3 thoughts on “Where’s the wine fridge?

  1. I’m starting to want my own wine room – I mean, Tornado Shelter, ahem! Maria, you crack me up. Again. It’s great to still be able to laugh at your humor every day even though we are no longer neighbors.

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