Gluttonous Getaway

“Fine, you can be a candy cane when you grow up.”, “No, you cannot nap with the box of Lucky Charms.”, “Hey, stop trying to bite Kaia, it’s her turn to be the T-rex.” Those are all conversations that I am currently NOT having because Coy and I are on our weekend getaway! Last night we went to Oklahoma City and tonight we are in Stillwater at OSU. Par-tay! Ok, well not so much. We are back in our hotel, in bed, and it’s only 9:30pm.We are officially old.

It’s a good thing I weighed myself before we left because I have done some serious calorific damage. Last night we went out for Sushi which naturally, included Sake and Japanese beer. Then while strolling around Bricktown, we came across a dueling piano bar. Hi fun! Since they weren’t starting until 9:00, we went to play some pool, aka “drink more beer.” Piano bar…more beer. Then, since we’d drank so much, we decided we’d better eat a coney dog with Fritos before going to bed, to absorb the alcohol. Duh. Can you see where this is going?

It didn’t stop there. This morning we needed something to fend off our impending hangovers. So, we plopped ourselves down at the closest Mexican restaurant and gorged on chips, cheese dip, flour tortillas. I could go on and on. Coy even put butter and cheese dip in his tortilla. Holy yum. Then, if that wasn’t enough, we drove to Stillwater, ate a HUGE pizza and drank a couple more beers. Like I’ve said before, I have issues.

With all that being said, this story of gluttony indeed has a happy ending. It is that I’m laying in bed, full, and happy. No butts to wipe, no Paleo dinners to cook, no dishes, laundry, or WWF battles to intercept. No one needs me for anything. Totally all worth it. Totally.


5 thoughts on “Gluttonous Getaway

  1. No kidding girl. We r on r first day of spring break vaca. With the kids but lots of fun. After a long day of hiking in Sedona, AZ, we decided to take a detour to Scottsdale to eat at one of r fav restaurants, Fogo de Chao. All u can eat meat off the Brazilian BBQ. They don’t have this kick ass shit in our veggie-healthy-hippy home state of Cali, so u gotta take advantage when u can! My daughter is 6, almost 7, but SUPER petite, so the waiter told us to say she was 5 and she could eat free ( kids price in normally $25). So I figured that I owed it to him to drink at least $25 in alcohol, right? No problem! And then the meat came. Parmesan pork? Sure. Top Sirloin? Absolutely! Linguica sausage? You bet! Bacon wrapped filet mignon? Are u F’ing kidding me? So when you’re on vacation, I say Go For It and live it up!

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