A few people have asked what Crossfit is so I found a short video clip that might show what can happen to someone who does Crossfit in just 6 months.


Also, check out the comments from my previous blog, Today’s Revelation. Nick posted some great videos that explain Crossfit, too.


4 thoughts on “Crossfit

  1. Oh lord, I’m exhausted watching that. I don’t know if you know Lauren, please if you do, please tell her she just inspired an Aussie to get out there and get off her butt (probably not as much as she has, but slowly, slowly!!!). Wow…you go girls, and get those buns fit and tight!!!

  2. Am I the only one who thinks crossfit looks like it would be no fun whatsoever? Drink more black coffee during the day and more alcohol at night (it makes you dance more = burn more calories). Maria, you need to come back to Asia where they can just massage all the fat out of you xoxoxo

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