Beer and Bread and Suzy!

Beer and bread. Two words that should not be mentioned when dieting OR consumed for that matter. SInce it was Sunday and I didn’t actually gain weight over my spring break binge, I decided I would have a beer, and of course, start fresh on Monday. Then I changed my mind and wanted some bread. Then suddenly, “light bulb!” I had an idea. Beer bread. Now I can’t file this one away into my category of Food that sticks to your ribs and not your ass but I can post it here on my daily confessional page! It was amazing. Simply amazing. Click on the picture for the recipe and link. mmmmm

Honey Beer Bread. Made this twice last week and it lasted a day. It was THAT good.

Now for the Suzy part. 🙂

I’m in the process of convincing my husband that I need to buy Shakeology from my friend Suzy. It is a meal replacement shake the does everything. The reviews are astounding, but better than reviews, just take a look at my friend Suzy. She’s had 4 kids like me and is NOT walking around with a rubberband holding her gut in. She looks amazing! Let me see if I can find a picture of her to post. Hang on. Oh, here we go.

Suzy Before and After

Check out her website here to see how fit and beautiful she is. She’s lost 25 lbs since starting and went from an 8 to a 0. Wait, don’t click it though. Turns out WordPress will not allow me to post her link since they think I’m selling something so if you’re interested,  paste this link onto your browser:

If you read anything or know anything about Shakeology, please let me know. Now, it’s pretty $$$ so I’m thinking of what I can cut out to fit that in. I figure since I throw out half of all the fresh veggies I buy, I can save money by mixing them into my shakes like Suzy does. Mmm… a chocolate-kale shake sounds good, right? Scary, but I think it sort of does.

Ok, I have 2 minutes until my 10pm bedtime, which I won’t make since I must SKYPE with my friend who just popped on. Grrr. Tomorrow I’ll share with you the story of the barf bowl. If you’ve ever wanted to eat dinner at my house, you won’t want to after this one!

Happy Monday  everyone, here’s to eating well, saying no to refined crap and getting out to enjoy this beautiful weather.


8 thoughts on “Beer and Bread and Suzy!

  1. And so we join your dieting crusade! Nason’s doing Atkins and I’m on medifast – TSFL. I lost 20 lbs last time on Medifast and didn’t gain any of it back in 2 years (well gained with the baby and then back to the medifast weight) so now going for that second 20lbs. Nason… he lost 35 last time with Atkins and gained back… well I think most all of it in last 2 yrs… But he’s happy doing Atkins – you know, all the meat! I don’t know how you could think you need MORE exercise then being Mom to 4 kids!

  2. I do love my kale shakes! I really think my body and brain crave them. I’d post a picture in a bathing suit but it mortifies my kids, & what if one of my students saw it? I feel better about being in a bathing suit or any other clothes than I have since I was a teenager.

    • Oh my God! This “Suzy” really is real! I thought Maria was just being dramatic. I never would have believed she had a friend that drank kale shakes til I read Suzy Faurias reply.
      BTW, Maria, my friends think you are freaking hilarious. Partly because they are all spoiled expat wives who are terrified of the day when they will be in your shoes but mostly because you really are freaking hilarious. Miss you xoxoxoxo

      • Stay abroad! Yep, suzy is totally for real and she is amazing. I want to drink kale shakes too. Thanks for sharing with your friends! xo

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