The Power of Bacon

We are officially on Spring Break. No, not the getting drunk in Mexico kind of Spring Break I mentioned before, but at least we are out of that house. The 1st half was me home alone with all 4 kids and a constant down pouring of rain. Now we are staying in a hotel and visiting Coy’s great-grandma in Arkansas.

Once we got into town we thought it would be nice to meet Coy’s Aunt and Uncle for dinner at PF Chang’s. You know we’ve lost our minds when we think taking our kids to PF Chang’s at 7:30 at night (they go to bed at 8:00), after having sat in the car for 3 hours, is a good idea. Overall, the kids were fine, but since we’re potty training, they wanted to announce to the whole restaurant what they did in the toilet. My 4 and 6 year old were not to be upstaged by their 2 year old brothers’ bathroom achievements, so they also had to make their own public announcements. Nice. I ordered the MooShoo Chicken, but ate only 1/4 of my meal since I spent most of the night feeding the kids or getting them into the bathroom. So that was good for my waistline because I could have done some serious damage at a place like that.

That night I slept like crap. Kicking kids, snoring husband and of course I was STARVING at 1:00am.  In the morning, Coy took the kids to breakfast so I could get some sleep. He returned with some smuggled out bacon in a napkin. Mmmmm, bacon. He then took off with the kids so I could get ready.

While he was gone, I popped my bacon into the microwave and made some coffee. 15 seconds into my bacon reheat, I noticed some smoke coming out of the microwave. It was on fire! I was scared to open it up incase it exploded, but was even more scared that the sprinklers were going to go off. I mean, I’d JUST blown my hair dry. Looking back, I should have been more scared about the fact that I was totally naked and potentially had to go streaking down the hall. I threw on a robe and opened the door only to find some people were in the hall wondering where the fire was (it was that bad).  Long story short, they moved our room AND didn’t charge us for the night’s stay. Hmmm, maybe I should bring bacon along to all my hotel stays? Who knew it had so much more potential that just being the greatest breakfast food of all time? The worst part of this whole story is, that I never got to eat any bacon. What a tease! It wasn’t until lunchtime that I got to eat and that does not make for a very happy Maria.

Tomorrow is my second weigh in. Not feeling so confident. I only worked out once this week. I usually get in 3 days, so I’m feeling like a big loser. And an even bigger loser for blogging about my lack of success. I am so tired and so hungry ALL THE TIME.

Step 1 for me was starting a Blog to help be accountable.

Step 2 is going to be going to sleep by 10pm every night.

I think sleep is having a huge effect on wether or not I’m successful. I’m “too tired” to exercise and “too tired” to cook a healthy dinner. So Step 2 will be in effect as of Monday. Anyone else up for the early to bed challenge? I’ve said I’m gonna do this a million times before, but here is where the power of the blog is supposed to come into effect and help me out.

Did I mention that we went to Wendy’s for lunch today? I ate a Frosty. Don’t worry, I was good and cancelled it out with a grilled chicken sandwich. Always thinking! 😉


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