Example of Crossfit


WOD: Snatch & Double-unders

For time:
40 Hang muscle snatch, m75#/w45#
40 Double-unders
30 Hang power snatch, m75#/w45#
30 Double-unders
20 Hang snatch, m75#/w45#
20 Double-unders
10 Snatch, m75#/w45#
10 Double-unders
Ok, I forgot what my time was and I used the 15# bar. Yeah, I know, it says for the girls to use a 45# bar… but I just did my nails.
Yeah, I’m totally immature and highlighted all the words SNATCH in red. Cuz it’s just damn funny.  snatch.
At some point I’ll figure out how to link this to my Crossfit Bartlesville Webpage.

7 thoughts on “Example of Crossfit

    • SInce last august. About 3x’s a week. I’ve gained an additional 10lbs since starting, but am guessing under all this fat, I most likely look like Heidi Klum.

      • I started lifting weights in December, and more focused in February (I am working on the New Rules of Lifting for Women program). I gained 8lbs, but it’s been good gains in the right places, and I think from the body fat calculator, 7lbs of that was muscle.

        3x a week of those crazy workouts? Yikes! I can see why you’re so frustrated with losing those last few pounds! At least you’ll have some awesome strength!

        You joined a Crossfit gym, right? What made you get into it?

      • Crossfit is great because it keeps me accountable and pushes me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. Plus there is someone there watching and guiding. But to be honest…. It literally was the only thing in town that had a 5:30am class! ha ha. No joke, that
        was my motivation.

      • 5:30 am? Forget that! 🙂 I have no experience with raising children or anything like that, but right now I’m very thankful to be able to sleep in until 7 daily, so I applaud your early-birdness!

        Do you do anything on your “off” days fitness related?

      • Ack, Im not sure if my reply went though. I’ve only been running since starting this challenge so that is my off day thing. SOmedays I do both! I know! YOu are so good for lifting weights now. Keep it up and you wont have to battle the bulge when you are old with 4 kids like me!

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