The Egg Thing

I already screwed up. Didn’t make it to Crossfit. Up last night with a coughing kid  and snoring husband that snored so loud, you probably were kept up last night, too. Today is the start of a “holiday” called Spring Break. Holiday my big fat ass. It’s only a “holiday” when you are 19 and in Mexico with your friends and don’t even need to use your fake ID. It’s not a holiday when you are stuck at home, it’s raining and you have 4 kids ages 2, 2, 4 and 6. My husband left for his holiday at his office cubicle. His holiday is M-F from 8-6.  Add to the fact that I’ve decided to potty train the twins. Ok, so I just decided to do that right this second but my theory is, if we are stuck in the house together for the next week with shitty weather, might as well have shitty floors too. It has to happen eventually.

For breakfast I made a Paleo Avocado Egg Thing. It was so gross but I ate it anyway. Only because I was way too lazy to prepare something else. Guess which one is the recipe picture and which one is mine?

Noah helped me with the decorating. Did I mention how gross it was? I’m so deleting it off my Pinterest page. Naturally, I just poured myself a cup of coffee to wash it out of my system. I so want a bowl of Lucky Charms right now. Bought them for the kiddos for St. Patrick’s Day. Am heating up leftovers of that chicken recipe I posted. It is THAT good.

Some of you are wondering about Paleo. Here is a link to a good website with recipes I’ve yet to try but, I look at and save to my Pinterest, along with all the other stuff I swear I’m gonna cook, buy and make, but never actually do. paleOMG  Not sure the stuff is really OMG (just look at my Egg Thing), but then again, it was eating stuff that truly tasted OMG that got me in this predicament to begin with.

This is what my kids did while I was making lunch today. That is a huge puddle in our backyard. It’s about 3 inches deep. Awesome. This “holiday” rocks. 


4 thoughts on “The Egg Thing

  1. Okay…the chicken was loved by all. I will definitely make that again and this time for my family. I just read Day 3 at work and busted out laughing outloud that people had to come see your avacado egg pictures. It never looks like the picture.

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