Black Coffee

Finished off that hunk of cake for breakfast this morning. Had to get up extra early so I could scarf it down before everyone else woke up. I’m now washing it down with a cup of black coffee. I needed it for the cancel out factor. I’m sure black coffee pretty much cancels out anything you just ate. Proof is in the pot 30 minutes later. Gross, but true. Today, I’m going to compile my shopping list. I’ve tried eating Paleo (caveman diet), Whole 30 (caveman diet that even a caveman wouldn’t do), Atkins (dumb) and even The Master Cleanse (even dumber).

Here is the PLAN for this mom’s quest to once again be reunited with her skinny jeans:

No soda, no artificial sweeteners, no chips, no desserts. Moderation and balance. If I have a cheeseburger, then no fries. If cream in my coffee, than no left over hunks of Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake for breakfast. You get my point.

Really, I just don’t want to be some kind of freak who cannot sit in the same room as a donut.

Now, I know there is leftover pizza in the fridge for lunch, but if I drink black coffee again afterward, I’ll be up all night. Maybe I should just eat it now for breakfast, just to get it out of the house……


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