Day 1 The Pants

The old rubber band trick. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’m sure you will now. What better way to cling on to those size 6 jeans? Ok, so they’re 8’s but who’s counting? Well, I am. Counting on getting back into them. I learned this clever little trick when I was pregnant with Noah, the 1st of our four kids. It was great for those first 6 months after giving birth. Perfect, actually. Now let’s see…When did I last give birth? Oh yeah, 2 years and 8 months ago. Desperate times call for desperate measures. My secret is now out for the world to see and I’m going to post a new photo every month, in these very same jeans. It doesn’t get more mortifying than that. It’s like going to Weight Watchers every month for a weigh in, only this is free and 1,000 x’s more embarrassing. Perfect. Nothing lights a fire under my ass more than a bit of competition(self) and the whole accountability factor. Even though today is Day 1, I had pizza for lunch to tame my hangover (an OBVIOUS necessity), and birthday cake for dinner (didn’t want to be rude and not have cake at the party, of course). Plus, today is Saturday and no one in their right mind would ever start a diet on a Saturday. And since tomorrow is Sunday, I’d better eat all the bad food left in the fridge because it would be just wrong to throw out the left over pizza. Right? Of course, I’m right! Here we go!


22 thoughts on “Day 1 The Pants

  1. Ah… ground zero is rubber band pants! I love it! Had to let you know that I am following. I have a feeling that weight loss will never be so entertaining.

  2. Maria~ you are as beautiful today as you were when we worked together 8 years ago! You are still one if the funniest people I know 🙂

  3. Thoroughly entertaining and I can totally relate. Looking forward to following your journey from hot to smokin’ hot:)!!

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